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“Genz is revolutionizing the field of molecular diagnostics by developing cutting-edge products that bring reliable healthcare services within reach of a larger audience.”


Genz is not just a business but a social enterprise that prioritizes human lives. Its motivation is to eliminate inequalities in healthcare access and make reliable healthcare and early diagnosis accessible to everyone. The company’s core focus is on advancing the accessibility of healthcare for all, by creating innovative and high-quality products that meet the needs of people from all walks of life.



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Product Range

  • COVEL® – Qual, Quant
  • InstaCheck®
  • GNZ® -RH
  • GNZ® -Gender
  • GNZ® -Covid-19
  • GNZonco® -BRC-5


Your Trusted Partner

At GenzBio, we are proud to offer our cutting-edge technology, GENZPRO, which enables custom-designed protein measuring studies. We are highly motivated to partner with academic institutions on research projects related to or including research use only (RUO) protein assays, measurements, or screening.

Our team of experts is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for protein measurement, including designing and optimizing assays tailored to your specific research needs. With our state-of-the-art equipment and patented technologies, we can provide high-quality, reliable, and reproducible results to support your research efforts.

We understand the importance of academic research in advancing our understanding of various diseases and improving healthcare outcomes for patients worldwide. That is why we are committed to supporting academic research projects by offering our expertise, resources, and technology to enable successful outcomes.

If you are an academic researcher looking for a reliable partner for your protein measurement needs, we invite you to contact us to discuss potential collaborations. Together, we can advance the boundaries of scientific knowledge and drive progress in the field of molecular diagnostics.